Badwolf Browser is Pretty Good

I've tried just about every alternative browser under the sun

The options for viable web-browsers seems to shrink more and more every year, that is if you don't count chromium spin-offs. Time after time I find myself itching for something a bit more lean, something with a different vision for how one should interact with the web. However, each time I would find myself making my way back to firefox, because nothing rivaled it's mix of speed and feature-set, occasionally running chromium for those one-off problematic sites.

I've come to accept that I am going to have to run something relatively mainstream for my primary web-browser, but have found a gap that these alternatives can occupy: surfing small websites. I'm subscribed to indieseek.xyz's new listing feed and normally start from there in my rss feed reader. Then I have it set to open up pages in one of these alternative browsers, and surf away from there, being linked from page to page all over the independent web. Before I would use qutebrowser, but have found that I'm too trained to traditional, single-modal web-browsers and would forget to enter insert mode whenever typing in a text field. Though their type-to-follow link feature is really cool and wish other browsers had it. I've found that badwolf has been perfect for my use-case.

Saying it is lightweight is putting it too mildly, it doesn't even have search by default, but since I merely follow links, that isn't a feature I need. It has javascript disabled by default, which hasn't been an issue for small sites, and if it ever does, there is an easy toggle-button right at the top. In fact it's made the occasional link to the mainstream web quite nice, due to ads not being able to load. Also due to its small feature-set it loads nearly instantly, even on my moto g4 play running postmarket OS. It's no replacement for a full-featured browser, but it's the perfect blog reader.

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