Summer Goals

I just finished my last final of the semester!

This was an enjoyable one, with so many changes and formative moments of my life occurring in the background of it. I admittedly have fallen out of regularly writing on this blog, but I hope to change that and update my massive fan base of the edge-of-seat exciting moments of my deeply fascinating life. Throughout all this excitement I have thought about all the things I've wanted to do, if I only had the free time. Well now with the next three months being pretty much completely open, here they are:

Exercise regularly

Between work, school, and spending time with Maria, my fitness has fallen to the wayside. I'm hoping to get back into working out and doing more physical activities again. Maria wants to as well and I think it will be fun to share that with her. She makes me feel so confident which I think will take away a lot of the stress that exercising with others has in the past.

Work on Feedie++

Feedie++ is a rewrite of my original terminal feed reading app, Feedie, but in C++ instead of Python. I've learned a lot since I originally wrote Feedie, and want to build a more robust and performant program. I started the rewrite at the beginning of the year, but as coursework became more demanding, I haven't been working on it as much.

Build a new desk

My current desk is a bit larger than I really need and I think it would be a fun project to try. I haven't made any sort of furniture before but I think It will be a fun challenge.

Cook more meals

I've been eating home-cooked meals a bit more recently than I had been before, but I hope to do that even more. It really is so much better tasting and saves money.

Finish my mini-laptop

For the past eight years, one of my background projects I've worked on has been a hand-held mini laptop. I got my first semi-working design over spring break, but it was a bit to fragile to actually use and I never got wifi fully working on it. I think one more iteration will do the trick, but we will see.

Replace the motor mount on my car

It gets a bit too shaky for my liking above 90 MPH and you have to be very light on the accelerator when going up a gear. I got the part, but in all of Saab's great wisdom, it's pretty hard to access so I've been putting it off.

Continue working on my garden

Last summer after July, my garden sorta fell to the wayside, I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

Go on a trip with Maria

We have been talking about doing so many things this summer, but I really want to go on a camping trip or something like that with her. Maybe to Oregon.

Write more

I've started so many posts only to get distracted and lose my train of thought. I really miss writing and want to get back in the swing of it. This is made easier with my new job too, since some nights there really isn't much to do.

Much Much More

I could keep going on and on about things I want to do, I don't want to waste away in my room all day, I want to live and be busy with things that fill me with joy.

I want this to be a summer to remember

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