Starting New Projects

I find it harder to start new software projects than to actually program them.

Part of it comes from not knowing what to write it in. I'll think of a utility I want to build and think how simple it would be to just string together a few shell commands. Then I'll want more, think of a new feature to add, and remember I don't really like writing more than a dozen lines in bash, and so I'll switch to python. Then I'll feel that urge to write it in something else, something with a better type system, something compiled. I'll think "maybe it's time to finally learn Rust", get a few lines in, and realize I have no clue where to go from there and it would be better to learn it on a smaller project. Then I'll think of doing it in C, but then think of all the high-level things I'd want to be doing a realize a different language would be better for that, bringing me back to python. This circle will go on for days before I finally settle on something.

This time it was C++

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