Surfing The Web

I never really surfed the web before.

Of course, I have been alive over the past two decades, I have used the internet for practically all my life, but I've never really "surfed". When I would search, I'd already have pictured what I had in mind that I was trying to find specifically that. Sure, occasionally I would stumble upon a cool page and crawl around a bit, but that was an exception and I rarely came back to it.

Over the past few days I've been looking for more independent websites and I find myself getting an interesting excitement while doing so. There's just so much out there with so many creative people hosting their own sites. The web is really an active and exciting place if you just go searching. I find myself scrolling through lists of blogs and web-rings and selecting random names and urls, scrolling through in amazement, reading through posts. The web feels so exciting!

For so long I only accessed the web through social media, links always circling back from X, to Reddit, to Facebook, to Youtube, all making comments on a given piece of content. Occasionally something from a blog would be linked and you'd step into this bizarre world that wasn't begging to have you interact, that was well-formulated and cared for, with that little spark of human inspiration behind it. I would always think to myself "I wish every website was like this". Little did I know there's a plethora.

There's gold on the web, you just have to look for it.

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