On The Prosecution of Donald Trump

Let me start off with the, unfortunately mandatory, throat clearing.

I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Donald Trump. I am not conservative nor a member of any Republican organizations. I got my political origins as a left-Democrat, became a hardcore communist through much of my teenage years, and now am now largely politically homeless, with no firm ideology. Though, I am very critical of both parties, I am often more critical of the left, because I want it to be better.

That being said, When I heard the guilty verdict on Donald Trump's first trial, my stomach dropped, and when I saw the celebrations by Liberals, it sank further. This is a clear political prosecution, why else would would they have waited three whole years until the next election for them to hold this trial? Why else would a misdemeanor be escalated to a felony using a roundabout interpretation of the law, counting the same crime as two separate ones? Now the Democrats, and the media outlets loyal to them, revel in their adding the "convicted felon" moniker whenever possible following the conviction. With the divisive times we are living in, Donald Trump could never get a fair jury trial, from either side.

It's evident this did not have a major impact on the popularity of Trump, it's still the case that, as of June 18th Biden and Trump are neck and neck, with Trump leading in key swing states. Trump's constituents have a distrust in the system and this only strengthens their prior opinion. What worries me is what comes next, of which I can only see a few outcomes:

#1, Biden wins

If Biden wins, a major section of the Republican party will say the election was fraudulent or rigged in some manner, as it did with the 2020 election. The flames of deep political divisiveness will be stoked yet again and the can of discontent will be kicked down the road, to hopefully another Trump campaign in 2028. I say hopefully because I worry of what figure will fill the void of Trump's exit from politics. While there are moderate conservatives who are a part of the Trump movement, a major faction of the MAGA movement is what was referred to until recently as the alt-right, who have already adopted a by-any-means-necessary mindset. It wouldn't take much for another charismatic leader to rise, one that may not be as moderate as Trump. At the end of the day Trump's first term didn't differ much from the conservative status quo, with the exception of the lack of starting any new wars. A new representative of this ever-growing political cleavage could lean into the xenophobia, as did Trump in 2016. This likely would spark heightened targeting of "domestic terrorism", the needs of Americans will continue to not be met, tensions will build, and the stop-watch towards the beginning of the second American civil war will creep ever-closer.

#2, Trump wins and is back for blood.

Trump never prosecuted Clinton, as he had promised in his campaign, which is probably a good thing. This time however, he has precedent of prosecuting political rivals on his side, he too will be able to dig up dirt on either Biden or other DNC operatives, and prosecute them. This will throw gas on the flames, the wolf-calling of the Democrats will cause this to fall on deaf ears, and when it is listened to, people will point to Trumps trial. Politics will cease to hold up the veil of trying to represent people, merely trying to beat out the opposition through law-fare, things will continue to get worse, people will be jailed and pardoned from one administration to the next, particular political allegiances will be de-facto criminalized, and we will live in a increasingly authoritarian society.

#3, Trump wins, and does the same thing he did in his first term.

He will continue to make outlandish statements, he might make a few executive orders that makes life harder in America for a handful of marginalized identities, but nothing will fundamentally change. The bad actors that stick around from administration to administration will continue to push the agenda of the wealthy elite. We will fund coups overseas, further gut the middle class, push opiates onto the poor, and allow for controlled opposition. People will continue in their radicalization or apathy until there is a revolution, either political or bloody.

There are no good outcomes.

The weaponization of the courts will further put into question the justice of our legal system. "Is the conviction fair, or was it because of the political leanings of the judge?" will become a question that will continue to be raised again and again. While I am not one to aggrandize the perfection of the American system of government, separating the judicial branch was done for a reason. Elections ought to be decided by the populace, not by lawsuits and electioneering.

And before anyone says "But Hunter Biden was also found guilty"

This was also a political plot, being able to point to Hunter's conviction does nothing but serve as a justification of Trumps. Let's not forget that he was going to get a "sweetheart" deal from the Department of Justice until the judge said anything. I'll be surprised if Hunter ever sees more than a few days behind bars in a cushy jail, if he even gets that.

I am deeply worried for the future of this country and the conviction of Donald Trump sets a sickening precedent of political prosecution.

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